Francesc Montserrat

Francesc Montserrat

Marine Ecologist and Coastal Olivine Weathering Expert

A marine biologist with over 15 years of experience, Francesc has studied the functional ecology of bottom organisms and their relationship with the environment, focusing on benthic ecosystems. Francesc has focused on experimental marine ecology, including environmental impact studies and marine habitat monitoring projects. He has conducted fieldwork studies on the natural green sand olivine beach in Hawaii (Papakōlea) including sampling corals there. Francesc has published and contributed to numerous papers on olivine weathering in coastal environments and has spent years exploring methodologies to increase natural marine carbon sinks.



Shanee Stopnitzsky

Marine Ecologist, Expert on  Ecology and Climate Change

Shanee is a marine ecologist whose research aims to discover the simple rules that govern complex ecological systems, in order to predict the ways ecosystems will respond to a changing future. Her work has focused on coral reef ecosystems and integrating multiple time scales to detect how marine organisms deal with climate change in the short- and long-term. Shanee’s past research looked at historical carbonate dynamics on coral reefs in the context of various climates. Shanee has worked in a variety of sectors on environmental impact assessment, marine mitigation technology, and ecological forecasting.


Pol Knops

Technical Advisor and Olivine Dissolution Kinetics Expert

A  Master of Science in Applied Physics, and an active player  in sustainable energy projects. Pol is an author on numerous papers related to olivine weathering and is an expert in the field of olivine dissolution kinetics. Pol has  and is currently the CTO at Green Minerals where he works to explore industrial and commercial uses for olivine.





Eric Matzner

Biohacker, futurist and environmentalist, Eric is CoFounder of Project Vesta and founder of Climitigation, a climate change mitigation think tank, where he came across olivine weathering as an under-explored technique for CO2 removal at scale. 

Eric also founded Nootroo, a nootropics company dedicated to advancing the potential of the human mind. 


Kelly Erhart

Kelly is committed to reframing complex issues into scalable, holistic solutions. Cofounder of Project Vesta, Kelly has a multidisciplinary background. She has commercialized sustainable technologies, managed disaster relief  projects, produced large scale international events, and consulted for climate change mitigation projects.  She is CoFounder & COO of Ecozoic Resources, a waterless biofiltration toilet company, and Terran Collective, a group working on tools for  cross-sector collaboration.


tom cropped v2

Tom Green

Tom began his career  as a biologist, then spent 20 years in various  corporate roles at Capital One, Lending Club, Bain & Company, and Averon, spanning  marketing, data analysis, communications, product, strategy, project leadership, and general management.  He is co-founder of UK climate change non-profit We Are Ancestors and has advised The Nature Conservancy on strategy. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.


David Sneider

David is  a Project Vesta Co-Founder.  David also created Galactic Tick Day, a holiday celebrating the motion of the solar system around the milky way. Additionally, David is the founder at TheUnblocker.com, a productivity application that uses machine learning to automatically generate ”to do”  lists.. He continues to work to help humanity realize that we need to work together to solve our collective problems.

desiree tavera

Desiree Tavera

Raised between the US and Peru, Desiree has spent years learning from aid workers, working on tech public policy advocacy and over a decade producing events. She founded Far Away Projects, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting early stage environmental, humanitarian and scientific projects to accelerate their impact. She has supported dozens of projects across 9 countries in just 4 years. Far Away is Project Vesta’s 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor. 

brian ley

Brian Ley

Brian is an award-winning fintech entrepreneur who was voted a top innovator in banking to watch in both 2017 and 2018. 

His past companies have been backed by Wells Fargo, 500 Startups, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, and Payment Ventures.