87% of the IPCC Models for limiting Global Warming Below 2°C require carbon dioxide removal by mid-century

The Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) database includes 116 scenar- ios that are consistent with a >66% probability of limiting warm- ing below 2°C (that is, with atmospheric concentration levels of 430–480 ppm CO 2 eq in 2100) 41 . Of these, 101 (87%) apply global NETs in the second half of this century, as do many scenarios that allow CO 2 concentrations to grow between 480 and 720 ppm CO 2 eq by 2100 (501/653 apply BECCS; with 235/653 (36%) delivering net negative emissions globally 41 ; see also Fig. 2).


Last updated on July 6, 2020
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