Focusing On The Future and Not The Past: Creating a Movement With The Movement of Rocks

Realigning Society’s Values On Carbon

Our society has assigned an extremely high value to diamonds and indirectly to the carbon from which diamonds are composed. But, for various reasons, diamonds no longer truly represent our values. So our goal at Project Vesta, is to help shift society to the new values of our time, such as sustainability and planetary harmony, and in turn, shift the dollar value spent on the past compression of carbon, to the dollar value of future carbon removal. A diamond may be forever, but the hospitable climate we are fortunate enough to live in, may not be.

Focusing On Our Future

We hope to create a movement that shifts the value from the past carbon compressed in a diamond ring to the carbon that can be removed from the atmosphere with the equivalent money spent on an olivine/peridot ring. Imagine the impact of showing your love with a ring that looks towards the future and represents the future carbon offset of an entire relationship and family. With your help, we can make this a reality, and we can make the future a place where we want to live, and where we feel positive about our relationship with the planet and prospects for our offspring.

Last updated on May 18, 2020
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