How Peridot Jewelry Can Fund The Placement Of Tonnes of Olivine

Creating a connection with olivine and our beaches that helps grow the community.

Peridot is the gemstone and crystal version of olivine. Peridot has more clarity than olivine, however, the chemical make up is the same.

Project Vesta is currently commissioning peridot jewelry with gems from artists and jewelers and using the proceeds to advance the work of our non-profit.

In the future, once we begin weathering olivine directly for the CO2 removal, the price paid for each piece of jewelry will correspond directly to a tonnage of olivine placed on a beach for accelerated weathering.

The idea is that a purchase paired with a subscription of approximately $25 per month will allow us to place enough olivine on a beach each to remove a year’s worth of a US person’s CO2 emissions.

Our goal is to have our organization’s operation self-sustaining through sales of jewelry combined with negative emissions credits, and we can be further bolstered by direct donations and grants.

Last updated on June 23, 2020
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