Phase I: Pilot Test Beaches

Phase I: Pilot Test Beaches

Pilot Projects on real-world beaches to measure Safety and Speed

Phase I will be split into Project Ia for safety and Project Ib for speed.

Phase Ia: Safety Study

Phase Ia is a controlled experiment to demonstrate the safety of adding olivine to a new coastal environment. Two nearby bays with similar water characteristics will be located and monitored. One bay will serve as a control, while the other bay has a layer of olivine placed on its beach. We will then monitor various characteristics of the water content to analyze the effect of olivine weathering on ocean chemistry and wildlife.

Phase Ib: Speed Study

The Phase Ib experiment(s) will be designed to quantify the accelerated weathering rate of olivine in a high-energy coastal environment. We will experiment on how to optimize the weathering rate with varying grain sizes and other variables. We will also work to formalize a verified method to quantify the amount of carbon removed from the atmosphere.

We plan to make our experiment as open-source and collaborative as possible. We will publish our experimental design and seek input from the community so that any lingering questions, ideas, or criticisms related to weathering rates and effects on the ecosystem can be addressed through science and not speculation. We invite researchers who have ideas or methods the would like to see implemented in our experiments to contact us.

We are working with Dutch engineering firm, Deltares, to create an experimental protocol and formula that will be able to be utilized by future beach projects. As each beach will have slightly different olivine weathering rates, due to temperature, pH of water, and energetic potential of the specific beach. We will create a model that can calculate accurate olivine weathering rates based on the properties of a given beach.

Last updated on April 26, 2020
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