Phase II: Impact Beach(es)

Phase II: Impact Beach(es)

The world’s first intentional green sand beaches designed to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

In the same way impact craters from asteroids altered the Earth’s environment and the course of history, we hope our Impact Beaches will alter the course of our history. These beaches will serve as a beacon of hope, as a way out of our CO2 nightmare, representing a functional, scalable and financially viable solution to proactively remove the massive quantities of CO2 we have put into the atmosphere.

While we will start with just one Impact Beach, the plan is to create a large network of these beaches all around the world in the tropics. As a decentralized, non-profit organization, Project Vesta will act as a scientific clearinghouse for vetting new beaches and providing scientific and technical oversight on their deployment, including calculating olivine weathering rates, environmental impact, and sourcing of local olivine.

We plan to work with local partners where we can find the trifecta of optimal beaches, friendly governments, and adequate olivine reserves. The Impact Beach(es) will serve as eco-tourism locations where people can learn about CO2 removal and serve as organizing headquarters for creating a movement that seeks to restore and protect our planet from CO2 induced climatic damage.

Last updated on April 26, 2020
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